Sofar Sessions: Up Close and Personal

Yesterday I performed my first ever secret gig. Sofar Sounds (YouTube them!) were doing their first ever Nottingham event, which entails fifty people cramming into a generous strangers living room and hearing unplugged live music. Within arms reach.

The location and even the line-up are kept secret pretty much up until the night; so I had no idea I would be sharing the stage/fireplace with the fabulous Bud (@BudOfficial) or the guitar maestro George Holroyd (@georgeholroyd1). Both incredible artists so if this is the first time you are reading their names you should definitely drop them in google!

Being able to perform your music in such an intimate setting is really something special. As much as going onto a big stage can be very exciting; there is something more personal about this set-up. More vulnerable. I'm definitely going to find a way to do this again!!

Thank you everyone who came down yesterday and checked it out (and thank you to all of you for singing with me ;) and major amore to sofar sounds to inviting me round! It really was a wonderful night!

Big love


Rob x