Rob Green: Why my fans are the BEST!

After a string of very exciting live gigs this season, I have finally had some time to properly take stock of everything that has happened these past few months. Of all things, the most memorable part of this experience has been seeing just how truly supportive you all are!

You come to gigs with such a distinctly upbeat and positive energy, which is always commented on! (Organisers at Hockley Hustle said "You can tell which fans are yours! They always seem like they're up for a good time!") Like family, you message/tweet your good vibes to me, even if you are unable make a show. Above all, what is most wonderful, is how you treat each other! I see you put your arms around each other's shoulders, even if meeting for the first time. You dance together, you sing together, You cry together(!) It's incredible to witness!

With complete disregard for sounding like a musical cliché; it really means so much to me have your support and the reaction to this new music has been so overwhelming; I can't wait to record these tracks and share them with you!

Thank you everyone for all the good energy this year! Your vibe has been so infectious and the love is FELT!

Rob x


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