Rob Green's TASTIEST music yet!


2015 is here!

Which marks the completion of a very exciting secret project I have been working on!

In October last year Lace Market Media Group, who have filmed my last two videos, approached me to score their upcoming film "Annie"; the latest in their 'Nottingham Legends' film series.

Their latest documentary takes a close and personal look at Anamarie Spaziano (Or Annie, from Annie's Burger Shack to you and me). An incredibly upbeat american entrepreneur making her way in good ol' Nottingham. It covers her eventful landing in the 90's to what it really took to build her Nottingham Burger Shack to such a huge success during one of the most challenging economic climates for new businesses.

For me one of the best selling points of the role would be the opportunity to work with Sam Daunt, the composer for LMMG's last 'Nottingham Legend' short film "The Cockle Man". Sam is a master of atmosphere and used her sensitive and brilliant orchestral compositions to help bring "The Cockle Man" story to life. I was excited and comforted to know I would be working with a pro through what would be my first co-composed film score. It was a real joy to work together on this with her.

Truthfully I am a little nervous to see what everyone thinks. Next Tuesday my heart will be in my throat on that red carpet; I really believe this is a fantastic story, the whole team has worked incredibly hard and I hope, for all of us, we have done this rockstar chef justice!

Guess what?! You can stream the film online at the same time as the premiere screening on the 20th Jan for 24 hours! Join the VIP list to be emailed when it's live!


Rob x