Breaking up with Joe Dempsie (43 times!)

The week Rob Green EP went on pre-order, Dean Jackson playlisted the first single Blue on BBC Introducing and your EP pre-orders made it break into the iTunes Top 20 Bestselling Pre-orders Chart (Thank you!!). In response to the incredible support for this song I really wanted to make a video. But with no treatment written and almost no time; it was definitely going to be a challenge to make it a reality. 

A day later, sat in Broadway with Matt and Mark Daunt (the dynamic duo behind Lace Market Media), I pitched the treatment idea I had come up with the night before and from that point we ran with it. It was to be shot in my house, it was to be done in one continuous shot and it was easily going to be the most technically challenging video we have ever made together. Oh, and it all had to be done within the fortnight deadline. We were excited.

I first met Joe Dempsie when we were both at Nottingham Television Workshop, and although we have never acted together before (though he did have a 'proud' cameo in my first video; Cardinal) he has always been incredibly supportive of my music. I called him to run the treatment by him and true to form, and despite being crazy busy filming other stuff, he was in! Joe is an incredible actor and with Ben Welch, Lucy Manning and Greg Lonsdale jumping on board to action the behind the scenes work; I was confident, whatever the outcome, we were all in a for a wicked time.

It was all hands on deck from 8am last Saturday. Mark, Greg, Lucy and Ben learned how to practically gut my house within 40 seconds, whilst Joe, myself and Matt rehearsed and re-rehearsed the *VERY* acrobatic break-up/camera routine. It took 43 takes, six hours of shooting and a LOT of stamina! The fact that it has come off the way it has is a testament to the integrity and drive of everyone involved. I'm so honoured to have worked with them on this and I cannot wait for you to see it TOMORROW AT 5PM!! (Friday 15th) 

Big Love

Rob xx