The night religion didn't matter


Last night went OFF at Kensington Temple! The event aimed to fundraise for Naomi Childrens Fund, a charity that supports children and young people at risk both nationally and internationally.

This was the first time I had been to a non-denominational temple; a place where all faiths and religions are welcome. The ENERGY of the audience combined with the talent and diversity of the evening's acts set such an incredible vibe. The crowd was made up of members of the christian, islamic, buddhist, jewish and other faith systems; all together to support a mutual concern, the welfare of young people. 

It was incredibly heartwarming. The ENTIRE room joyfully sang with me through my set, gave the awesome Nina Ferro a standing ovation (rightfully so!) and danced their hearts out to Fabio D'andrea's spectacular rendition of Mary Mary's 'Shackles' with his Kensington Temple based Gospel choir.

At a time where attitude towards and between faith systems can often lean toward hostility, together we stood for being together. Even as someone who doesn't prescribe to a specific religion, I still felt so welcome; it was a thing of beauty. 

Shout out to everyone who came last night, who watched the Periscope stream and helped create such a special night.






If you are interested in finding out more about the work of Naomi Children's Fund, or wish to donate - click here