Why you can't be a solo artist (and should stop trying)

There is a spirit of competition in the music industry, the idea that the music we create is somehow supposed to be a weapon to beat other musicians with. On television, on radio, on sales, on labels; musicians are encouraged to beat each other instead of meet each other.

But the truth is no artist is an island. In pursuit of our work we have to remember all the promoters, collaboraters, managers, events co-ordinators, partners, family members and fellow writers; who facilitated, supported and inspired every move we tried to make "on our own".  

Collaboration has lead to some of the greatest moves of my life. I collaborated with Greg Lonsdale and Jack Curtis as the first ever signing to Outlawlabel, with Nina Smith on the launch my first EP, with Natalie Duncan on her homecoming Nottingham showcase and before all of them the incredible Christella Litras; an encounter which influenced and shaped every move that came after it.

My lastest collaboration has been with the magical, and humble, Alex 'Motormouf' Young. After a chance reunion on Alexanderplass in Berlin (Germany!)  this summer I asked Alex if he would give me a lesson on the loop pedal.

We met up (at Nina Smith's yard) and he gave me a free crash course and sent me on my way. I went on to loop away at home for six weeks, counting down to my first ever show with the loop pedal which was being hosted by (you guessed it) Motormouf. 

The day before the show I was terrified yet Alex's encouragement lead me to take a massive leap of faith and perform a short set at his Loopers 2 event last week which (despite a few glitches...!) was great and the audience, incredible. That leap, that performance, changed me. Encouraged me. 

At a time when musicians are being turned into lone wolves its nice to see the Nottingham music scene still knows how to run as a pack. 

It's that very sentiment and attitude that makes the Hockley Hustle festival possible; artists united in the spirit of music for a charitable cause and I couldn't think of a more oppertune place to debut some of my new, loop inclusive, tracks! 

Today, at 9.30pm on the Left Lion Broadway stage I'm taking the leap once more... 

You coming to collaborate?


Rob x

I'm also performing an acoustic set at Bodega at 3pm! Come see...!