Rob Green: "Natalie Duncan is pure magic"

There was a distinct moment in our first meeting, before a single note had been sung; I knew I had met somebody really special...

We were up in what used to be her bedroom in her Mum's house in Nottingham, which now houses an upright piano, some wardrobes and a CD rack. On that rack (and I KNOW I'm embarassing us both here) was every, and I mean EVERY SINGLE CD I had on MY CD rack as a teenager. Not only was there not a CD on there that I dont know all the album tracks, singles and album artwork to; but they were my favourites. India Arie's "Acoustic Soul", P!NK's "Misundaztood", Craig David, Whitney Houston, Angie Stone, Alicia Keys and TLC's "Fanmail" - to name a few!

Maybe you'd have to have been a "noughties" teenager to understand the nostalgia those albums could bring, but this was like meeting my best friend on the musical playground. 

Truthfully I love singing with Natalie, her playing style, her chord progessions, that VOICE! - I can't big this woman up enough... she is pure magic. Plain and simple.

I'm certain this will not be our last jam together, but it was great to get into the studio to play around on this track. Which, in the light of our not-so-guilty pop/rnb tastes; simply had to be done!

Please share it with everyone you know will appreciate a little TLC... or anyone who might need to hear some good dating advice before valentines day...

Enjoy this! We sure did! 



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