Rob at Hockley Hustle 2014

I have spent most of this year writing and developing my new material, arranging what I intend to be the skeleton of my first album. Aside from a few acoustic shows here and there throughout the year, I have kept quite a low profile gigs-wise, so when I was confirmed for Hockley Hustle I was excited to have the first opportunity to really show what I've been up to. And raise some money for charity!

After a hectic morning organising the setlist and burning 'mixtape' CD's I actually had become quite nervous about my 9pm show. It's the most exciting and most paranoid aspect of performing new stuff. "What if they don't like it? What if there's no-one there?!" and when M1 delays meant that I didn't have a Drummer or Bassist until 8.45; I was incredibly nervous!

Running a little late on sound check as a result (Big up to Chris on sound!) Nusic's very own Hustler Sam Nahirny jumped up to introduce and away we went!

I said it on stage and I still feel it now. Nottingham IS home. Broadway was CRAMMED! Yet everybody still danced, sang, waved and raved throughout the entire show. It was like a family party! There is an undeniable love for music in this city and it can be felt like tingling across the skin. It's wicked.

Big love to EVERYONE who saw the show, who bought a CD, who sang and danced and really showed such positivity for this music. You always lift me up!

Big shout to special guest Nina Smith; who graciously allowed herself to be dragged on stage to sing Bad News (by audience request!) and smashed it, to Sam "badman" Nahirny; who worked SO hard to make that stage run smoothly, what a pro ;) and of course to the full band, Manager Greg and all those who helped make this Hockley Hustle, the biggest, baddest show on road ;)

Same time next year yeah?

Rob x


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